On-Site Server Colocation

Is your company is running in-house severs ? Colocation may be the best and most cost effective option for you. Navpoint will host your server on our internal 100Mbit ethernet network to give you the utmost in dedicated performance in our 24/7 monitored and climate controlled data. Comcast connections are also available for a minimal monthly fee.

    Reasons to Co-Locate Your Equipment

      • Non-Redundant Connections - If you run your own website or mail server in your office on a DSL, Cable or single T1 connection, and that connection goes down for any length of time, your web or mail server will be cut off from the rest of the world. Clients and contacts sending you e-mail may get bounced messages back. People visiting your web site will get an error message. Moving your business critical servers to Navpoint will ensure that your company's services are available 24x7x365.
        Inadequate Bandwidth - Most ADSL and Cable Internet connections have minimal upload speed (the speed at which data goes from your network out to the Internet). If you are hosting your own web server locally with your company site on it, your site could appear slow or non-responsive due to outgoing bandwidth saturation. This problem is compounded if you are using the same connection for your company Internet access as well. One person uploading or sending a large file can easily saturate your bandwidth making your server completely unavailable from the outside.
      • IP Addressing - Most ADSL and Cable Internet connections do not include static IP addressing - which is required to run a reliable web or e-mail server.
      • Power Redundancy - Most UPS Battery Backups are designed for about 10 minutes of actual run-time. In many cases this is enough to safely shut down a server without data corruption. What happens if that server is your web or e-mail server and the power is out for several hours? Navpoint's datacenter features ample battery backup for several hours of runtime, and also a propane generator to provide continuous power for a 7 day period in an extreme situation.

    Call us for a competitive price quote or email us at sales@navpoint.com
    Prices start at $200 per 2u with cable service available (extra fees may apply)
    "We can beat anyones price"