Cloud Nine


Reduce Costs

On average most companies spend $40 dollars a month just to power their file server and when you add the parts, maintenance and space associated the sky is the limit. By moving your filesystem to Navpoint Cloud Nine you immediately remove those costs but get so much more such as data accessibility, data protection and a way to transfer files to your clients securely.

It Starts With The Data Center

Our data center is biometrical secured and can run for two weeks without power, keeping your business up and running even when your car isn't. The facility also contains multiple independent security and monitoring systems so your data is safe.


Cloud Nine is fully HIPAA compliant keeping your medical records accessible yet safe and ensuring your patients privacy is taken seriously.

Auto IP/User banning:

When a user attempts to log in a set number of times Cloud Nine can automatically block that user or IP address, send you notifications and we can even move your files to a safe location until your designated contact is reached.

Set Access Times:

Is overtime a problem? worried about users taking data home with them? With cloud nine you can set custom access times and receive alerts when someone tries to log in on the weekends or past a certain time.



File Access Logs:

A fully customizable log provides you insight into who is accessing your data, when they access it and can even notify you when users delete files.

48 Hours Loss Protection:

Daily backups keep your data safe from user error

Virus Protection:

Automatic data virus scans isolate the infected files, preventing one machines virus from spreading to the other machines

File Integrity Check:

Cloud nine will check your data for corruption and can restore a previous version of the data from the backup.


customCustom log in portal:

when a user or client visits they will see a log in screen with your companies name, logo and any other information you would like. Don't have a website? Navpoint can host a custom login portal for you at no additional cost* We do it for Live sports Judi Online SBOBET betting app

Custom Automated Alerts and Reports

Whether you want to know when users delete important files, or if they haven't logged in in the past 48 hours and cloud nine provides custom reporting to keep you informed to key metrics regarding use, data protection and security.

Customize users settings

Cloud nine was made to be customized to fit your needs, with full control over each users permissions, the ability to set password strength rules and you can even have user passwords expire at set intervals. The possibilities are endless making this more than just a storage space.



Ad-Hoc File Transfer:

Send large files to clients has never been easier, simply select the file from the portal and click email to send files of any size. You can even receive alerts when the recipient access the file

Public Links:

Create links to your files that can be shared using social media, internal communication or posted to your website.


Navpoint offers cloud archiving, keeping monthly/quarterly copies of your entire cloud directory available for an extra $9.99 a month.



Cloud Nine PricingScreen-Shot-2016-04-05-at-11.43.24-AM

To get your Business on Cloud Nine Call 215-836-4600 or use the following form to be contacted by a Cloud specialist

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