Navpoint Cloud


Located right outside of philadelphia, The Navpoint Data center is open for your business to store its data both safely and reliably. Our facility utilized state of the art storage device within the walls of our biometrical secured data center and with our industrial generator system we can stay online for up to two weeks even in an electrical outage.

Give us a call at 215-836-4600 to learn about how securing your data with navpoint can help increase mobility and eliminate data loss.



SCAM ALERT – Microsoft Calls

We have noticed a high frequency of customers saying that they have received a call from Microsoft requesting to view their machine to fix a problem.  These calls are always a scam and Microsoft will NEVER contact you out of the blue.  If you have already let them in you are at risk and should contact us to go over options to diagnose and repair your machine so that they cannot regain access without your consent.   If in doubt when receiving a call put them on hold and we will gladly join the call to determine if they are legitimate or not.    215-836-4600


How to forward to gmail

email-iconGoogle has changed the way that they limit emails not hosted by google and many ISP's are now unable to forward to gmail. Navpoint has made the necessary changes to comply with their policy change however gmail customers will need to whitelist their navpoint email to be able to forward. Instructions to do so can be found here.

Welcome to the new

The new has been carefully redesigned to provide our customers streamlined ways of utilizing Navpoint services, Byte Support Repairs and enterprise tools for your growing business. Our new chat feature allows us to provide quick answers for your questions and we have much more in store for 2014.