Getting Started

Navpoint Cloud Nine offers a wide variety of data availability options to access, share and protect your information.

Web Interface

Uploading | Downloading | Sharing

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Your files can be accessed easily by visiting and entering your username and password. For your convenience this login page can also be accessed by selecting "Cloud Nine" in the login section of the Navpoint page.

From the web interface you can upload, delete, share and download your data


The web interface offers several methods to upload content, users can select "Add files" or simply drag and drop content directly into the web interface. Once the file has been entered the upload will begin automatically and a confirmation window will appear when the upload has completed.

Once the upload has initiated you will see a list of the files with their status. This window can be cleared by clicking the "x" and the top right of the Files to upload selector. From here you can also re-upload the file, initiate a share or cancel the opperation.

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Advanced Uploading

Screen Shot 2016-03-25 at 2.23.17 PMBy clicking the lightning bold to the right of the "Add files" button you will switch to Advanced Upload mode which accelerates transfers, automatically resumes failed transfers and will let you upload entire folders at once. A yellow lightning bolt indicates that the advanced file transfer mode is currently active however please note that this requires java and you will be prompted to allow the applet to run. To download the latest version of Java click here


To access your content simply check off the items which you want to download and then click "download" in the menu.Screen Shot 2016-03-25 at 2.37.27 PMFor individual items you can also right click on the item and select download. clicking on the actual file within the web interface will launch a quick view of the content and if the content cannot be displayed it will being an automatic download.

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Sharing Files

Cloud Nine allows you to share files within your organization and to your clients with ease. To initiate  share either click share once an upload has completed, check off the files you wish to share and click "share" or right click the file and select "share"

The share pane can be fully customized to meet your business needs. Default users will see the following screen when they share a file:

Screen Shot 2016-03-25 at 2.41.34 PM

When a file is shared the recipient will receive a link with a username and password pre-populated that will take them into the web interface to access the file. If you would like to bypass this system and send a link to the file itself for quick access you can check off "Direct Link To File?"

Internal Share

When you want to send a file to someone within your organization you can select "Internal Share" which will change the pane to include the options in the image bellow. Simply enter the name of the recipient and then select the permissions you wish to grant.

Screen Shot 2016-03-25 at 2.53.51 PM

Send email

The default share method is via email and your email address will be pre-filled into the  "From" section, custom CC, BCC and Reply to credentials can be entered or profiled at the request of your organization. The body shows what the email will look like and you can leave additional comments in the comments section. Once you click send you will receive a confirmation and will also be provided with a link to the file. If you disable the send email option you will still be presented with the download link.

Advanced Options

By selecting advanced options you can customize what time the file expires, are presented with an option to move the file out of your cloud once shared and can even changed the username and password that is used to access the share.


Once a file has been shared you will receive an email alerting you that the share email has been sent and then will receive an additional email once the file has actually been accessed. Both of these features can be d

Connect to Mac/PC

Navpoint Cloud Nine fully integrates with Windows and Mac and can be mounted as a drive by clicking "Connect to Mac/PC"  Cloud Connect requires java so click here to download the latest version or If you already have java installed you can simply open the .jnlp file.

PC users will be prompted to install in admin mode and then will be presented with a list of files. right click on the helper install file and select run as admin to complete installation.

To configure Cloud Drive enter your username and password and then hit connect, PC users will be able to select which letter drive to mount on and you can also set the program to run at login.

connect_osx connect_win

iPhone / Android / FTP

Cloud Nine can be accessed on almost any device using the web interface however if you would like to use an app, search your app store for FTP and then use the following address for the server:

-Crush Sync